Good Shepherd Montessori School

The Good Shepherd Junior High, started in the fall of 2009, is a fusion of two innovative adolescent programs: one created by Dr. Betsy Coe of Houston Montessori School, AMS, and one by David Kahn of the North American Montessori Teachers Association, AMI. We have the unique advantage of being privy to the best practices of both of these visionaries and adapting them to our particular needs as an independent Montessori school in South Bend, IN.

“All work is noble, the only ignoble thing is to live without working.” Maria Montessori

The adolescent program focuses itself on the needs of the adolescent: independence, challenging adult work, a strong and respectful community, and a head and hands approach to integrated learning proposed by Dr. Maria Montessori. This plays itself out in an odyssey camping trip at the beginning of the year, student-led community meetings, a rigorous math and language program, interdisciplinary science and humanities courses which focus on project-based group work and presentations, Latin, creative and physical expression, and discussion based seminars and theology. Students’ work is not bound by the classroom walls, and encourages them to move beyond the campus boundaries to the wider community, fostering compassionate, civic-minded citizens.

“The teachers must have the greatest respect for the young personality, realizing that in the soul of the adolescent, great values are hidden, and that in the minds of these boys and girls there lies all our hope of future progress and the judgment of ourselves and our times.” Maria Montessori