Good Shepherd Montessori School


The art program is an integral part of the Montessori curriculum at Good Shepherd Montessori School. It enables every child to develop his/her  skills and allows for self-expression through the creative process, fostering personal creativity. Children are interested in a variety of media and learn to care for, manage and safely use materials and equipment, while developing an understanding of the historical and cultural contexts of art.

As children mature, they become more product-oriented as they experiment with different media and understand and appreciate various forms of art. Central to Good Shepherd’s mission of diversity, a variety of styles of art and different artists are introduced.


The goal of the music program  is to give every child an opportunity to participate in the joy and expression of making music as a community. They learn to identify basic tones and to read music. Through singing experiences students develop a knowledge of pitch, timing, and melody while learning to express themselves through movement with music.

Additionally, Good Shepherd encourages students to expand their musical skills through private string lessons and the Orff method of teaching.

Similar to the Montessori method of teaching, the Orff Method of music education, developed by German composer and educator Carl Orff, follows the natural musical responses of children and incorporates them into satisfying musical experiences created and performed by the children themselves. The method has spread world-wide over the past fifty years, gaining enormous popularity because it allows children to discover and refine their musical sensitivities while expanding their skills, self-confidence and independence.