Good Shepherd Montessori School

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Parent Affirmations and Confirmations

“Our boys love school. With the Montessori method, they have been able to work at their own pace as they catch up to their peers in various subjects at various speeds. We so appreciate the wonderfully well-rounded guidance they get in non-academic things such as art, spirituality, interpersonal peaceful problem solving, social justice, and music. We believe that their great school contributes to their happiness and success outside of school.”

“I am grateful for my daughter’s teachers and their dedication to making the school and her experience so wonderful. I am grateful to have found a school with a curriculum embedded with essential life skills, such as, communicating, managing her daily plan,  peacefully negotiating, and global thinking. There is so much she loves about Good Shepherd, but most importantly she loves to learn. I am confident this love of learning has been allowed to flourish because of the environment Good Shepherd Montessori School has created and continues to nurture.”

Words from my second grader

“My daughter said, ‘My favorite work at Good Shepherd is writing. My favorite subject is math. My favorite time of the school day is silent reading. My favorite place to be at Good Shepherd would probably be my classroom, or the Atrium, AND the art room.’ The the list goes on and on. This is a very typical conversation with her when asked how she feels about school. It evokes a feeling, as a parent, of gratitude. I am grateful that she is in a school that makes so much of her school day a ‘favorite’ of hers.”